Monday, October 27, 2014

This Woman is Golden!

Well, I have completely run out of time to email today! I just wanted to let you all know a few quick things. :) 

First off - this is the last week of the transfer, so don't send any mail to the address in Bountiful just in case I get transferred next week. 

This week was awesome! And also really hard! We taught a lot of lessons, but unfortunately most of our friendshippers weren't there. Friends, if you agree to go to a lesson with the missionaries, please go! And if something comes up, don't feel bad about cancelling last minute. 30 minutes before the lesson is still preferable to once we've STARTED the lesson. That happened 6 times last week. 

We go to a quilting group every Wednesday that makes quilts for people in need, and this week they found out that I didn't have a warm winter blanket, and so they gave me a quilt that they made! It's so WARM and fuzzy and I'll cherish it forever. Love you Bountiful 16th, 24th and Dry Creek wards! 

There is also a GIANT pumpkin growing in a lot near our house. Probably for a contest or something. Seriously this squash is HUGE. It makes me smile. 

We spent 3 hours on Saturday helping a nonmember decorate for Halloween... and we still didn't finish! This family is INTENSE with their Halloween decorations! But their yard looks so awesome. They thought it was really hilarious to see sister missionaries - skirts and all - scattering body parts throughout their yard. Good times, good times. :D 

The AP's called us one night this week. (Assistants to the President - as far as missionary leadership goes, they're as high as you get) They said that they were checking with all new missionaries to see if we had driving privileges. I woulda believed them too, until my companion said, "Yeah right. They're trying to be all sneaky - they want to make sure you can drive because President is probably considering having you train next transfer." Oh. Well that's different. I mean... it could also mean that he's considering sending me a companion that is partially trained, or is foreign and can't drive. Or nothing could happen. But Sister Haddock and I are pretty sure that we won't be together next transfer, which is very SAD! 

There are great things happening in Bountiful! This week one of our ward mission leaders told us about a woman who isn't a member of the church who has been coming the last few weeks. Last week he asked her if he could send her the missionaries and she agreed instantly.This woman is golden! We had a lesson with her on Thursday and committed her to baptism! Seriously, who does that?? We also committed her to pray every night before she went to bed, and when we followed up with her yesterday at church she told us that she was also praying every morning! Really, where did this woman come from?! I kept praying before coming on a mission that just ONCE I would have the opportunity to meet someone that was prepared to receive the gospel like I was, but I really didn't think it would happen. It's so awesome that it actually has!!! She just eats up the lessons and was so eager to schedule regular meetings with us. Also, this is the first time that I've taught someone with even the slightest hopes of seeing them accept Christ and choose to be baptized. It's awesome. I'm SO not allowed to get transferred. That would be a mean thing. 

We carved pumpkins with our friend Jenn Sabovcik this week. She's awesome. Seriously, google Jozef Sabovcik. (that's her husband) he's incredibly talented. We love that family! 

So that's it! I've taken too long of course. Here are some pictures for you! 

Love always,
Sister Tipton


  1. I love reading your posts! And those pictures are AWESOME!! Love that squash - and how you totally coordinate with it! :D


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