Monday, November 3, 2014


This week has been very very sad. Both Sister Haddock and I had strong impressions that we weren't going to be together this transfer and we were right. It's SO super sad because she only has one more transfer of her mission. I'm sure this will all be for our good, and I'm sure I will love my new companion too, but change is always hard. Especially when this change really does end a chapter of my life. She and I will never again be missionary companions, but I'm sure we will remain friends. 

The GOOD news is that she's just going to the next zone over. Even though I'm serving in the Bountiful Heights stake in the city Bountiful, we're actually in the Farmington zone. Sister Haddock is going to the Bountiful zone, and she's still serving in Bountiful. And the BEST part is that her new companion is Sister Hano - my MTC companion! I was praying so hard that if Sister Haddock had to leave that at the VERY least she would go to someone who would be nice and kind and love her. She and Sister Hano are going to be awesome together. I'm jealous. :) 

My new companion is Sister Alaiasa. All I know is that she's from Hawaii and she's been out nearly a year. And I'm staying in Bountiful Heights!!!  We were right about the driving thing though - when the APs called to ask if I had driving privileges they wanted to make sure that I could drive because she doesn't have a license. AND I'm finally finished TRAINING, which makes my life so happy. 

I'm nervous about the change - it's been comfortable living with Sister Haddock these last 6 weeks or so and I know it's always tricky when you put two new personalities together, but I'm sure it will be good. 

Bountiful is awesome right now. The other reason we were sure that one of us was leaving (and the reason why we felt it was Sister Haddock, because this is the story of her mission) is that the work is just EXPLODING. We had ANOTHER person call us this week and said that they had a friend that wanted to take the lessons because they want to get baptized. This was at the care center and we were able to teach her last week, with plans on teaching her again this coming week. 

Then yesterday in church, for fast and testimony meeting, a teenage boy who is a non-member stood up to bear his testimony! He talked about having met with missionaries before but that it wasn't until after he saw "Meet the Mormons" and really connected to one of the stories (the story about the missionary mom and how she changed her life) that he really decided that he wanted to change his life too. He's friends with the Schmidt's twins (the piano guys Schmidt's. :) So yes, I totally got a referral from Jon Schmidt. It's a little iffy about whether or not we'll be teaching this boy though - he doesn't live in our area, but the Schmidts do, and he wants to take the lessons at their home. He lives in our current District Leader's area, but Elder Crow and his companion are BOTH getting transferred (seriously, tons of changes this week. I hate it. :P) Elder Crow said that it would probably be best if we taught him, but we have to call President Hansen to see what he thinks. Either way, the situation is pretty dang cool! 

One of the women we visit is totally not interested in learning anything about the church, but she's happy to let us visit her. She was baptized decades ago, and her family is all active, but she doesn't want to be (right now...) Last week she came to an activity at her ward to help out - it's a "Single Sister's Luncheon" and is mostly widows. She LOVES the "old ladies" because she feels like they don't judge her as much. She kept telling them though that it's crazy what has happened, because she normally doesn't let missionaries in her house at ALL. We've been by several times, and she was definitely upset when we told her about transfers. We had a funny conversation with her after the luncheon though! 

Me: "Do you wanna come with us??" 
Her: "To do what?"
Me: "Teach the gospel!"
Another woman at the luncheon: "tell them to take a Valium." 
Her: "Take a Xanex girls, it's not gonna happen!" 


Ok, the only other super exciting thing that happened this week was Halloween. During the day people kept asking us if we were real missionaries or if this was our costume. TOTALLY why they lock us in on Halloween night! ;) The night before Sister Haddock curled my hair and it looked so cool. :) And on Halloween, Holly, the daughter of the people we live with (who also lives here) came downstairs and we had a party and ate lots of junk food. 

And then Holly "cleansed our emotions." Weirdest thing ever, but kinda fun! She "released our trapped emotions." Ok. We ended up staying up a little too late, and the next day when Sister Haddock and I were talking about it we both agreed that we had thought we should go to bed at 10:30 (like we're commanded to!) but Sister Haddock said, "We were enamored by her priestcrafts." HA! It's true. Totally sucked in. :) The other funny thing she said that morning was, "We still have a tea party on my desk!" 

Anyway, this should be an interesting week. I made a promise to myself 6 weeks or so ago that I would always do my best to love my companions from the beginning, but I'm really nervous transfers. I just really REALLY don't want things to change, but I suppose that's just life. 

I love you all! Thanks for all of your letters. I'm sorry that I'm a little backlogged on my letter writing, but I love you all dearly and can't wait to see you again. 

Sister Tipton

1 - Curly hair! Also, Jesus photobombed us. 
2 - Dracula teeth - these are some pretty cool gummies that Mendy et al sent me. 

3 - HALLOWEEN! Partay!!!
4 - Sister Haddock and our skeleton decorations! Also from Mendy. :)
5 - Holly pouring drinks at our tea party! We had some naked juice. :) 
6 - Pretty sunset! 

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